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The United Airlines app is a leading tool that allows you to book flights on United Airlines, check flights, access information on your MileagePlus account, and much more, from your handset. Here’s the review of the Google Play app for Android mobile and the app for iOS. 


The United Airlines app’s interface is designed to make it my ideal travel toolkit due to its all-new and friendly design in both Android and iOS. Another intriguing design feature is the enhanced calendar selection where I can select flight search. The seat map design is also captivating, similar to the boarding pass display offering an improved multi-passenger view. With such a feel and look of the streamlined flight status and the award bookings in multi-segment, the interface deserves a rating of 9/10.

How It Helps 

One of the most attractive features of the United Airlines is that I can add my MileagePlus cart to my Apple wallet. The app for all Android devices and Apple products also offers boarding passes for 19 other partner airlines. I just need to switch from a United Airlines flight to one of the airlines. 

The flight booking feature is also another attractive component of the Android app that also comes in a version for iPad, iPhone and iPod touch. I also don’t have to worry about changing my reservation since I can change my flights from the ‘Reservation’ section or during check-in. Visa and passport scanning, which is quite uncommon in other similar tools, is quite crucial and I can use the Google Android and iOS app to scan my eligible visa or passport for international check-ins. These are just examples, as there are numerous other great features, and the app scores a 9/10.

User Experience 

The United Airlines app continues to update and create additional mobile tools to ensure a memorable user experience for its customers. Notably, this is the first U.S. carrier offering mobile pass scanning in all the airports in the country. It is effortless to have my boarding pass sent to my mobile device through email or via the app. I’ll simply need to scan the barcode displayed on the screen at all airport security checkpoints. 

The user experience scores a 9/10.

Up-to-date or Outdated? 

I would recommend you to download free latest version of the United Airlines to enjoy the myriad of incredibly modern additional features. Mine gives me easy access to my twitter feed, a useful currency converter, free Sudoku games, and much more. The app additionally features flight timetables and DIRECTV® listings. 



  • Efficient and convenient
  • Easy-to-use


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out of 5


I’ve had the opportunity to try out the United Airlines app, and I can attest to its efficiency and convenience. Its boarding pass experience is the most appropriate for the American system and works with ultimate efficiency. The fact that I don’t have to touch a single piece of paper throughout the process of purchasing the ticket up to disembarking is just incredible. What’s more, the support for passbook makes everything a bit easier as other airlines are still struggling to integrate the feature. I recommend the United Airlines as the ideal application for anyone who’s looking for convenience and effectiveness.

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