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easyJet: Travel App
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Booking flights, managing them and checking in can give you a headache especially when the processes are slow. If you have had awful travel experiences in the past, it`s time you tried the easyJet travel app, which is the leading app on the traveling market.

Interface 9/10

This app, which can be used on iPhones and Android mobile, has a very usable interface. My flights, book flight, boarding passes, flight tracker, book a car, and book hotel buttons are on the home screen. Navigation is very easy, and a user can easily access each service. Most importantly, the latest version of this technological tool contains a journey widget button on the home screen. The home screen contains the right amount of information so that the services available can be quickly traced.

How It Helps 9/10

This App Store app for iOS and Google Play app for Android is definitely what you need when traveling by air. This is how it helps:
It makes booking flight easier. All the user needs to do is use their phone camera to scan the card numbers and then save it.

With this app for all Android devices and iOS gadgets, you can conveniently manage your flights. For instance, you can book less or more seats and also inform the management that you want your flight changed. 

Interestingly, you can store a maximum of boarding passes. This will save your time as you will not have to queue in the long lines.
When you are using an iPad, iPhone or an Android device, this application will give you live updates. You can even discover where the plane is. 

Most importantly, this app lets you know if anything happens with your luggage or any changes occur. 

The easyJet app helps you save time, feel safe while traveling which gives you a superb experience.

User Experience 8/10

This free app for both iOS and Android devices is one of the best traveling apps that are on the market currently. The app has a payment feature that allows you to pay for the flights securely and fast. Getting the live updates serves to inform you everything that is happening when traveling. You get to be guided about every step you should take before taking a flight. At the terminal, a user no longer needs to worry about their boarding status since this app reminds them. With this app, the confusion and time wastage that comes with boarding flights are sorted.

Up-to-date or Outdated?

EasyJet travel app is up-to-date. The user interface can be installed and work perfectly on iOS and Android devices. To give superb experience, the app uses the latest maps such that one can get real-time locations of the plane. The updates which keep being made ensure that the app matches the traveling needs of the customers.


  • Convenient
  • Useful
  • Great functionality
  • Regularly updated


  • None


out of 5


I recommend this Google Android and iOS app. With this app, you no longer have to use a lot of time queuing and when check-in. Additionally, you can make changes to your flight. If you feel like, for instance, you need more space in the plane, you can request for one or more seats. Since changes to the features keep being made, ensure that you update your app regularly. Every new feature comes with better adjustments.

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