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Roblox is a game platform, where users can create, share, and play different game modes, presented by other authors. It offers flexible developer tools, allowing the creators to make almost any game mode, starting with tower defense and ending with RPG modes.

Gameplay: To Infinity and Beyond

As the creator tools are flexible and authors are free to publically share their game modes, the gameplay in Roblox has almost no limits. Different servers offer different game modes, each of them having slightly or radically different gameplay. 

The most popular game mode is “Meep City”, where you can join other gamers, chat, play mini-games, earn coins and purchase real estate. 

The second by popularity mode is “Jailbreak”, where players organize in-game robberies and other players do their best to prevent them. 

“Adopt Me!” is the third most popular game inside Roblox, in which you get to adopt different pets side by side with other players.

Graphics: Elderly Old

The platform was initially released 14 years ago and despite several graphic updates, it still looks very outdated. The style is pretty similar to Minecraft, as both the characters and the environment consist of blocks of different forms. In case you are fine with such an edgy style, you will most probably enjoy Roblox. 

On mobile, you might not even notice some weak points of graphics, though you will definitely see that visually Roblox is worse than an average popular game. Though, most players ignore the bad graphics and enjoy almost infinite opportunities the platform offers.

Controls: Not for Mobile Initially

The problem with controls is more about compatibility. The mobile version of Roblox offers simplified controls with only several buttons available, while the platform was initially designed for PC, as well as were many of the game servers. 

Some servers are not supported on mobile at all, while some of them do not work properly. You will still find a lot of games to play inside Roblox on mobile, though it may take some time and failed attempts.

For Fans of:

  • Minecraft;
  • Garry’s Mod;
  • Handmade Planet.


out of 5


Roblox is a great platform with tons of games and servers available. Everyone would find something for their taste or find inspiration to create a game of their own. In the mobile version, you will stumble upon non-supported modes and servers from time to time, however. In case this is and the bad graphics are not issues for you, you should be already downloading Roblox.

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