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Minecraft is an on-the-go version of a revolutionary sandbox game. It brings the joy of building and adventuring to your phone. It has loads of caves to spelunk in and a cool crafting system.

Huge Open World

Here is an elevator pitch. Minecraft is like digital LEGO with a huge open world and some RPG elements. You can play it in two modes: creative and survival.

In the creative mode, you get access to all blocks, even those that can't be obtained in the survival mode. You can spawn eggs to generate animals and monsters. You can fly and mine instantly, and your tools don't wear out. You have everything to create anything you want.

In the survival mode, you have no resources and have to survive. Monsters cause damage, and you have to farm to get food and gain experience from activities you perform.

Control Scheme

This game runs on mobile devices, so naturally, the controls differ from computers. Minecraft has a smart control scheme with a jump button and directional arrows. Crafting is simple: just tap on an item you want to craft. No need to drag anything across the screen. You can split controls in the options menu to restore the mouse-like functionality. However, we think it feels like an awkward emulation of a PC game.

Mods have always been a big part of Minecraft, and there are a few you need to try out. However, getting them activated is a chore since a process is confusing and different for Android and iOS users.

Has Its Limitations

Don't get us wrong, this is not a port of the PC game. The mobile version is much smaller. The PC version lets you build as far as you want. Here, you will bump into invisible walls. Enchantments, experience orbs, potions, and books are nowhere to be seen. Several minerals can't be found on mobile. There is less room to build, and the world size traps you.

For Fans of

  • Terraria
  • Creativerse
  • Starbound


out of 5


You can play Minecraft for months and never get bored. The developers continue to add more features. The game encourages creativity and can be played in a monster-free world. Whether you're a fan of Minecraft or a new player looking for an adventure, the mobile version will blow your mind.

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