PicMonkey Photo Editor: Design, Touch Up, Filters Review

PicMonkey Photo Editor: Design, Touch Up, Filters
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There are many photo editing apps on the market today. However, not all of them incorporate both photo editing and graphic design into a single application. This is the main thing that caught my attention when I came across PicMonkey Photo Editor. This editing tool has so much to offer. Read on to find out why I think it’s top-notch.

Interface 5/5

The PicMonkey app for all Android devices and iOS has a polished and easy to navigate interface. Despite the fact that there are several UI elements, they are neatly organized at the bottom of the screen for convenient access. I also like the fact that they have separated the graphic design tools and the photo editing tools. This aspect of the design makes the app very user-friendly because there is no confusion whatsoever.

Features and Tools 5/5 

PicMonkey has numerous useful tools. The main ones of this app are the photo editing features and the graphic design features. Some of the photo editing features include photo filters, crop, rotate, blur, saturate and so much more. Examples of the graphic design tools include layering, social platform design templates, fonts, styles, colors and others. This app is useful for professional and personal photo editing, and it can also be used to make graphics for business use and social media.

Usability 5/5 

This App Store and Google Play app for photo editing does not have any performance issues. It doesn’t crash or stop working when you are using it. Apart from this, all the different tools work well, and you can rely on them for professional and personal designs. What makes this app for Google Android and iOS even better is the fact that it is constantly being updated. For instance, the latest version has new social crops and color pickers and design features like transparent and color backgrounds.

Devices 5/5 

PicMonkey Photo Editor is compatible with Android mobile, tablets and iDevices (namely iPhone, iPad and iPod touch). This is another thing that gives the app the upper hand compared to other apps which don’t support all platforms.


  • It has numerous editing and graphic design tools
  • Both the Android app and iDevice app are very easy to use
  • The app gets updated frequently.


  • Few filters compared to other apps
  • It has in-app purchases
  • Takes up too much storage space.


out of 5


PicMonkey is the leading photo editing and graphic design app in my opinion. This app puts an assortment of editing and design features in the palm of your hands and makes photo editing a breeze. It is also compatible with all devices which means you never lose the benefits even if you change your device. It is an excellent tool. I would recommend it to anyone who is in the photography business, to graphic designers and any individual who is passionate about design and photo editing for personal use. You can get an app for free on Google Play Store for Android and the App Store for iDevices.

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