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If you want to catch a cheating partner or at least maintain that sense of fidelity in your relationship, the Couple Tracker - Cell Phone Monitor and Tracker app for Google Android is definitely the leading application for this use. 


The UI of the app is pleasant and minimalist, and there isn’t any clutter or unnecessary animations. The design is interactive, looking more like a texting app, although you also have access to a GPS map when you turn to the Locations tab. The other options including Facebook and Calls look like your typical texting and call apps. I rate this section 4 out of 5. 


The Couple Tracker Android app lets you and your partner track each other’s activities on both phone and social media in real time by mutual consent. I don’t know how effective the app is at actually saving relationships or placating jealous partners, but since I tested the Couple Tracker with a friend, I can vouch for the fact that the app features actually work.

Features include phone tracking through GPS and locations, checking contact lists and call history and text messages. You or your partner can’t delete anything from the call or message logs. You can also check all Facebook activity by your partner either likes, comments or pages that they follow. The free version lets you track 6 phone calls, 15 Facebook activities, 3 texts and 10 GPS locations per day, while the Pro-version gives you access to an unlimited number of records. The texts for free version also shows 30 characters for each text sent, while the Pro-version shows 50 text characters. 

The latest version offers increased language support and translation and also provides an update on the UI, with an ‘Invite Partner’ button added and reworked toolbars.

The Couple Tracker Google Play app for Android is free but offers in-app purchases: the Pro-version for $5.99. The Pro-version does not have any ads. 

The features get 4.5/5.

Performance and User Experience 

My experience with the app has been good so far although once in a while it freezes. It takes a bit of time to register your partner’s activity, and on occasion, their activity will totally not record. I’m made to understand that their location and internet have to be on for this to work. Some customers have complained that the pro-version they paid for only offers those features for the free version. There have also been expressions of privacy concerns by some customers with regards to collection of user data by the app developers. This section's mark is 4/5.

Device Compatibility

The app requires Android 4.0 or higher, therefore I wouldn’t call this an app for all Android devices.
The app isn’t available for iOS, so - 3/5.


  • Great UI
  • Useful functionalities
  • The Pro-version is affordable.


  • Only available for Android mobile
  • Can’t track partner activities offline
  • Occasional bugs.


out of 5


This app offers useful tools for those who absolutely need peace of mind in their relationships and affairs as they can track and see all their partner’s activities. For me, it would have been more useful if it afforded you the ability to monitor activities offline.

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