Text Me: Text Free, Call Free, Second Phone Number Review

Text Me: Text Free, Call Free, Second Phone Number
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There are so many texting apps currently on both iOS and Google Android, and Text Me offers nothing extraordinary. The design is the one thing that stands out for me. 


The developers did get the UI right, and it is very intuitive and pleasant to navigate your way around. The display is fluid HD, and the text presentation is crisp with great video quality. You’ll definitely enjoy interacting with this app, especially on a high-resolution display such as on an iPhone, iPad or an Android mobile tablet such as Samsung. So I rate app's UI a 5.


The real value of Text Me lies in the fact that you can send free and unlimited SMS and MMS to other Text Me users across North America and 40 other countries. If your friends have installed the app themselves, you can also do Video Calls and chats just like WhatsApp. Once you install the app, you’ll be assigned a number. Text Me also gives you a wide variety of Emojis and Smileys, with the added capability of group texting. You can share videos, pictures, and other media with large memory size through DropBox integration. Apart from purchasing credit, Text Me lets you earn credit by either watching video commercials or filling out online surveys. 

The app is free free, but you’ll have to part with a $4.99 every month if you are to enjoy the full premium features. The alternative is to make other in-app purchases such as 100 Text Me credits for $2.99, 500 Text Me Credits for $12.99. 

The app developers offer updates for bug fixes, and the latest version lets you find information easily about new numbers. The features get 4 out of 5. 

Performance & User Experience 

Text Me UI is excellent, but especially the Android app suffers from too many glitches, At times it will just freeze right in the middle of a texting operation, while other times it shuts down unexpectedly. The Android version download works worse than the iOS one, and I was quite frustrated when I tried using the app on a Huawei where sometimes only half the screen shows. On an Apple device, the calls frequently hang but at times work perfectly. For me, the experience wasn’t anything to write home about - 3/5.

Device Compatibility 

This might not be an app for all Android devices as the actual Android compatibility varies with the gadget you are using. The app is compatible with iOS 9.0 or later, and apart from iPod and iPad, you can also convert your iPod touch into a real texting tool - 5/5.


  • Pleasant and intuitive design
  • Great video quality
  • Offers Dropbox integration.


  • Too glitchy
  • Doesn’t offer anything extraordinary from other texting apps
  • Requires the other party also to have Text Me installed on their device.


out of 5


This is far from the leading SMS/Call apps that I’ve used, and I wouldn’t recommend it. The tools are much like those offered by other apps except worse. I found the Text Me App Store and Google Play app extremely annoying, and this complaint is shared by most other users.

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