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PixelLab - Text on pictures
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It’s not easy to find a great app that allows you to add texts to your images because there are so many to choose from. However, it’s not impossible. In fact, I think I have discovered one of the best apps for this task: PixelLab. Get all the information you need about the app in this detailed review.

Interface 5/5

This Google Android app has a clean and straightforward user interface that allows the user to focus on what they are doing. The design is polished, and every function is clearly labeled for easy understanding. I also like the fact that different images fit perfectly in the editor so that you can see all the changes you are making without having to zoom in.

Features and Tools 5/5

PixelLab Android mobile app has an assortment of features that make it possible for you to create stunning masterpieces. The main features of this Android app include 3D texts, stickers and shapes. In addition to this, there is a plethora of presets, backgrounds, stickers and over 60 options to edit your pictures. This app is also useful for adding text to business and social media images. It allows you to add any text you wish to a picture in a unique way.

Usability 5/5

This Google Play app for adding text to pictures has impressive performance. You can use it for hours non-stop, and you will not experience any challenges. The app will not crash or stop working when you are editing an image. The developers have done a great job in ensuring that the end user has an easy time using this app. They also try to make your experience even better by providing regular updates. Some of the improvements in the latest version include Portuguese translation, flip for images, bug fixes, texture options and many other improvements.

Devices 4/5 

PixelLab is an app for all Android devices. Unfortunately, this tool is not compatible with iDevices. This is unfortunate because the app has great features that iOS users would definitely enjoy.


  • User-friendly
  • It is free
  • Plenty of features to take advantage of.


  • It is not compatible with iOS
  • It is quite large
  • Uses up too much battery power.


out of 5


Most apps that make it possible for you to add texts to images do not have a lot of features. In fact, some just have the text addition feature and font styles. PixelLab is different. This app has numerous features and plenty of design options to choose from. It is my go-to app whenever I need to make image quotes or simply add text to my business pictures. The only problem with the app is that it is not compatible with iDevices. Nonetheless, I would recommend it to anyone who needs a reliable app they can use to add text to images. This leading app is available on Google Play Store.

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