MapQuest: Directions, Maps & GPS Navigation Review

MapQuest: Directions, Maps & GPS Navigation
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I find the interface to be quite simple and user-friendly. As soon as I open the MapQuest GPS Navigation & Maps Google Play app for Android (also available on iOS), I’m provided with two options that are quite straightforward: Get Directions and Find Places. Once I tap Find Places, I can search by category or by name. After tapping ‘Get Directions,’ I can begin with my current location, select between addresses, or even reverse course. I would rate the interface at 9.6 out of 10.

How It Helps

The MapQuest GPS Navigation & Maps iOS and Android app routes me around accidents, help me through multi-stop directions while even offering alternative routing abilities, handy sharing attributes, and a robust variety of bookmarking options. I also enjoy voice-guided and turn-by-turn driving or walking navigation directions. 

Furthermore, the app also offers automatic re-routing and live traffic updates to help me get there on time. I can choose from three options for driving routes and use the location and ETA sharing features. Moreover, I can efficiently search any places of interest near me from my favorite categories including coffee restaurants, gas stations, and much more with the top class layers bar. The advanced search helps me locate my destination faster. 

One setback of the Android mobile and iOS app is that it can dramatically ruin your battery life through the continuous use of GPS. The features are worth a score of 9.2 out of 10.

User Experience

MapQuest is the go-to Google Android and iOS navigation tool for anyone looking for live maps, voice navigations, GPS and live navigation. The interface makes it a leading Apple and Android app due to its ease of use and intuitiveness. The membership-free assistance also adds to the list of attractive features that boost user experience as it is crucial in case of a lockout, fuel delivery, towing, flat tires and much more. The ease of use and excellent user experience earns the app a score of 9/10.

Up-to-Date or Outdated?

I would advise that you update or download for free MapQuest GPS Navigation & Maps (the latest version, of course) to enjoy additional advanced features. These include live sector maps, top class satellite imagery, GPS navigation (turn-by-turn) for users in the U.S. and Canada. The updated version also helps me share location and ETA with family and friends.


  • Easy to use
  • Multi-platform


  • Sometimes works buggy


out of 5


MapQuest GPS Navigation & Maps has made significant advancements since the days of its desktop-only versions. It is easy to use, offers precise driving directions and is efficient in incorporating traffic options. However, it fails to identify the most direct routes in some instances, and the directions suggested may also fall short. Despite the lacking public transit directions, the MapQuest GPS Navigation & Maps can still compete with similar applications. It’s because it can access roadside assistance on-demand and use Android Watch, the corresponding app. I recommend MapQuest GPS Navigation & Maps for all your navigation needs.

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