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Unlike other social networks which make use of user profiles and different themes that identify accounts, the Whisper iOS, and Android app provides tools for anonymous networking where users simply remain random to other users and communicate via ‘whispers.’ 


The slick app design immediately catches your eye, and the UI is simple enough that even a new user will immediately feel comfortable using the app. Whisper has its own catalog of colorful HD photos which you can use for your anonymous profile. The main dashboard is neatly arranged into four major options: Groups, Popular, Nearby, and Latest. The dominant purple theme also works well for the design. The overall rating for the interface is 5 out of 5.


Features get 4.5/5. Mainstream social networks require an almost complete confession of identity which may make many users have privacy concerns and a little tied down with the content they post. Whisper allows users to post anonymously whether fact or fiction, secret or known fact. 

The app let users create an account by enabling them to answer four basic questions: Username, Location, Age Range and Gender. You can input factual or false information. You can even let your username be ‘Anonymous.’

For new users, the ‘Most Popular’ page is a great place to start, and here you’ll see all kinds of posts. If you set your actual location, you can see posts nearest to your location. This will obviously need the app to access location services on your device. You’ll need a unique pin to use the service. The app won’t need an email or a phone number to set this pin. 

At the bottom of the display is a big + symbol which lets you add a post when you hit it. Whisper automatically adds a photo or GIF when it reads your post before you post it, though you can choose your own media to be displayed with it. There’s also an in-built chat function.

Both the Whisper Google Play app for Android and App Store version for iOS are free. There are no in-app purchases.

Performance and User Experience

The app used to be flawless on iOS and Android mobile, but the latest version crashes incessantly and has too many ads. A significant part of the experience that isn’t pleasant is the inappropriate content you’ll often come across. You can steer clear of it in the groups, but in the most popular page, you might encounter this too. The app has a disclaimer for users under 17 years. Overall performance and user experience don't deserve more than a 3. 

Device Compatibility 

This might not be an app for all Android devices; the compatibility of the app varies with the Google Android device. You can get and install the app on your iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch running on iOS 10.0 or higher. So the app gets 4.5/5 in this section.


  • Great UI
  • Frequent updates for bugs
  • Anonymous social functions are useful


  • Intrusive ads
  • Concerns that the app tracks locations for users who have enabled it
  • Inappropriate content
  • The latest version is quite glitchy.


out of 5


Whisper is undoubtedly the leading app for anonymous social networking. Obviously this opens up ethical questions because inappropriate content will be posted freely, and there should be a way for posts to be moderated. Overall, I’d still recommend the app for anyone looking for privacy on the social sphere.

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