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Google Maps - Transit & Food
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The Maps - Transit & Food app for all Android devices and iOS gadgets offers useful turn-by-turn mapping whether you’re on foot or in a vehicle. This transit tool notes all the points of interest where you can make stops as you travel. 


The streamlined interface that the game boasts makes it quite easy to use. The App Store app for iOS devices and Google Play app for Android mobile has a clear and interactive user interface that even a first-time user would find familiar. The color-coded traffic map is so attractive to me. Red represents gridlock traffic, yellow represents slow traffic, and blue indicates steady traffic. Furthermore, I can choose the type of view for the map. 

The intriguing interface scores a 9/10.

How It Helps

With the Maps - Transit & Food Google Android and iOS app, I can see my current location with mind-blowing accuracy. All I have to do is click on any destination near me, or enter the location manually to bring it up. The color-coded traffic map is also another essential feature that helps me beat traffic as it highlights real-time traffic situation in different areas. I can get dining and drinking recommendations around me by merely tapping on Explore located at the Hamburger menu.

The app further offers excellent filtering options where I can filter restaurants by reviews, prices, and whether or not they’re open.

Moreover, I can additionally narrow down my choices to include Zagat-rated restaurants only. What’s more, this app allows me to enjoy multiple stop support. So if my trip comprises several destinations, I can add my various stops and even use drag-and-drop to rearrange them.

This section deserves a 9.5/10.

User Experience

Despite the numerous additional features that distinguish it from the old Google Maps, Maps - Transit & Food still comes out as an easy-to-use application that guarantees an exciting user experience. Its Help & Feedback section found at the main menu helped me get started, use quick gestures, and search and manage my contacts. The fact that I can create or save maps for future access is also an important feature.

The leading navigation app scores a 9/10.

Up-to-Date or Outdated? 

I would recommend that you get a free download of the app or update it to the latest version to enjoy traffic updates in real-time alongside precise transit information. Other than the features improvements, you also get to enjoy the extensive help and improved performance of the iOS and Android app.


  • Easy to use
  • Great performance


  • User must have Google account to use the app.


out of 5


With the need for traffic updates and help with beating traffic, this mobile app is a must-have. The only setback of the App Store and APK download is that it requires users first to register their Google accounts. Notably, the app has never crashed on me. I highly recommend the iPhone, iPad and Android app to anyone intending to move from one location to another with minimum hassle, while also enjoying the convenience of making stops at different points of interest.

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