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Essential Strategies for Navigating "Prince of Persia: The Lost Crown" as a Newcomer

In the intricate realms of "Prince of Persia: The Lost Crown," you won't be handed the full map on a silver platter. Instead, you'll need to chart your course, piece by unraveling piece. One clever tip is to purchase any missing sections of the map for each new area you explore. Seek out Fariba—the young girl with insight on the secretive Wak-Wak Trees—whenever you step foot into a new biome. She's the key to completing your map collection. Just follow the trail of vibrant flags, rugs, or the sound of Persian melodies; they'll lead you straight to Fariba.

Walls May Deceive

Stay alert for countless secret chambers dotting the landscape when adventuring through each distinct biome. Some are gated behind the complexity of The Lost Crown riddles or locked away, requiring specific keys. Yet, many are pure illusions—merely strike at walls that seem out of the ordinary to unveil a hidden cache of treasures.

Those with the Prosperity Bird amulet, a rare treasure associated with the Deluxe Edition, are graced with an easier journey. This companion sings a beautiful tune to signal proximity to these secrets and even guides you to the entrance upon spotting one, a true gift of the Persian deities.

Harvest Time Crystals From the Beginning

From the onset of your journey, take advantage of the reoccurring adversaries throughout the game's areas to gather Time Crystals. These foes will reappear every time you return to a location, allowing you to repeatedly confront them for their treasures.

These Time Crystals stand at the heart of the game's economy. They are crucial for securing new equipment and enhancing your weaponry. By collecting them early and often, your progression and power will ascend at a much quicker pace.

Prince of Persia The Lost Crown game combat

Harness the Shadow of the Simurgh's Teleportation for Puzzles

For those just dipping their toes into the enigmatic waters of The Lost Crown, puzzle segments can present quite the conundrum. Such challenges are frugal with hints, but there's no need for despair. The Shadow of the Simurgh Athra Surge is your clandestine ally in these brain-teasing trials. This teleportation skill is not just flashy; it's an actual instrument for overcoming perplexing barriers. Whenever a platform or an inaccessible gate blocks your way, utilizing this ability can bridge the distance in an instant.

Take the puzzles lurking within The Depths as prime examples—a duo of riddles where rapid movement is key. The first obstacle involves swiftly operated levers that control gates, which close promptly upon release, demanding the use of teleportation to pass through. The second conundrum requires the simultaneous lighting of stone statues, accomplished deftly with the assistance of your ethereal Shadow.

Unlock the Revelatory Wonders of the King Jamshid Amulet

Whereas owners of the Deluxe Edition are accompanied from the outset by the serenading Prosperity Bird that unveils treasures, those without this companion have an alternative: the King Jamshid Amulet. This enchanting trinket will alert you with an unmistakable sound when treasures lie hidden nearby. Even without the aerial guide, this amulet proves itself a vital tool for unearthing the secrets strewn across the game. A quick adjustment of the game’s music volume ensures the amulet's signal remains clear and undistracted.

Prince of Persia: The Lost Crown King Jamshid Amulet

Artful Deflection of Oncoming Hazards

Defensive moves are critical, and in The Lost Crown, there exists an entertaining way to shield oneself—redirecting enemy fire right back at them. A well-timed hit against an incoming projectile can send it back towards the foe. Keep an eye out for projectiles ensconced in red light, as these are impervious to deflection, and your only option is to swiftly dodge out of their path. Master the art of swiping these red projectiles with your Dimensional Claw and flinging them back as a devastating counter-attack.

The Comfort of Platforming Assistance

If the acrobatic trials of parkour pose too much of a challenge, rest easy; there's a loophole designed for traversing such demanding jumps and climbs. Tucked within the Gameplay options, the "Platforming Assist" setting allows players to bypass these complex platforming ordeals. Activating this feature generates a portal beside tricky platforming areas, offering a fast track past the obstacle. What's wonderful is that choosing to activate this assist impacts nothing else in the game, leaving all achievements attainable.

And for those who find their braver side, attempting the parkour segments is still an option. Platforms Assist doesn't whisk you away without consent; it extends an optional hand, ready to leap into action when you've had your fill of trial and error.