Amelia Thompson 2023-09-27 07:35

A Complete Guide to Evolving Geodude and Graveler Into Golem in Pokemon Scarlet and Violet

In the world of Pokemon Scarlet and Violet, having a strong group of Pokemon is crucial for success. Rock and Ground-type Pokemon like Geodude, Graveler, and Golem can make a significant difference in your gameplay. But evolving your Geodude into Graveler and then into Golem can be tricky. Here's how you can accomplish this in a step-by-step manner.

Finding Geodude and Graveler

Finding Geodude and Graveler

The first step in your journey to evolving Geodude into Golem starts with finding Geodude itself. Geodude is typically found along the Infernal Pass located on Oni Mountain and on the east side of the Paradise Barrens. The experience level of the Geodude can range between level 20 and level 60, depending on whether you've completed the main quests in Scarlet/Violet. You can find Graveler at the same locations, where it has a "Fixed Spawn."

Evolving Geodude into Graveler

Once you've captured a Geodude, evolving it into a Graveler is relatively simple. Once your Geodude reaches level 25, it will automatically evolve into Graveler. If your captured Geodude is already in the 60s level range, you simply need to level it up one more time.

Turning Graveler into Golem

Unlike earlier evolutions, Graveler does not evolve into Golem solely through leveling up. This evolution requires a trade. This means you'll need a Nintendo Online Individual Membership. Once you have that, you can initiate a trade using the Poke Portal, trade the Graveler, and receive a Golem in return. Be aware, however, that this might not necessarily be your own Graveler but rather a randomized trainer's Golem.

Turning Graveler into Golem

Bypassing the Trade Step

If the idea of trading your Graveler off to another trainer doesn't appeal, there's a workaround that involves using Pokemon HOME. You can transfer your Graveler to Legends: Arceus using Pokemon HOME and evolve it there. This way, you'll still get your Golem, and it will be yours, not a trader's.

Catch Golem in 5-Star Tera Raids

For those of you who have completed "The Way Home" main quest, you'll have access to 5-star Tera Raids. These raids contain rare drops and powerful Pokemon, including Golem. But be prepared for a tough fight, as these raids can be challenging.

There you have it! A clear and concise guide on how to evolve your loyal Geodude all the way into a mighty Golem. Good luck, trainers!