Ava Martinez 2023-11-28 08:00

Ubisoft's Upcoming Title, The Division: Heartland, Edges Closer to Release

The Division: Heartland, a much-anticipated addition to Ubisoft's revered game series, has had its release date hinted at after being officially rated in Taiwan on November 14. The game, focused on both player-versus-environment and player-versus-player elements, is set against the backdrop of Silver Creek, a rural Midwestern town ravaged by the aftermath of the Dollar Flu outbreak.

In Silver Creek, players are thrown into a world shrouded in enigma, tasked with unraveling the mystery and halting the spread of a new virulent threat. As players delve deeper into the storyline, they will find themselves caught between violent factions: the rogue Division agents and a marauding band of nomadic survivors. Beyond these human adversaries, players must also contend with threats posed by the AI and competitive squads looking to assert their dominance.

While a specific launch date for The Division: Heartland hasn't been set, there's a buzz around the game's progressing development, with additional PC tests slated for the future. This detail suggests the possibility of an early access release on the horizon.

Amidst the building excitement for The Division: Heartland, Ubisoft has dropped news about the ongoing early-stage development of The Division 3 in September. The franchise is welcoming back Julian Gerighty to a prominent role. Gerighty is currently steering the helm of Star Wars Outlaws as the creative director, and now he is stepping up as the Executive Producer for The Division series.

Under Gerighty's watchful eye, a myriad of The Division games and products will be nurtured, including the upcoming third installment. Ubisoft further detailed that Massive Entertainment, which has had the development reins for the earlier games, will once again lead the charge in crafting The Division 3, actively scouting talents to assemble a capable development team.