Ava Martinez 2023-09-28 07:35

Streaming Worlds Collide: Xbox Cloud Gaming Soaring onto Meta Quest

In a recent revelation, Meta CEO Mark Zuckerberg declared that Xbox Cloud Gaming will soon breeze onto their Meta Quest headsets. Set to enrich its virtual reality (VR) portfolio in December, the move implies a brand-new chapter for Meta, showcasing its commitment to escalating the performance caliber of its VR services. This news trails the company’s recent Meta Quest 2 performance enhancements and the unveiling of the Meta Quest+ VR subscription plan.

The joyous announcement halts an anxious year-long anticipation for gaming enthusiasts around the globe who were eagerly awaiting Xbox Cloud Gaming's incorporation into Meta Quest. Xbox’s cloud service, already witnessing high adoption on platforms like Xbox, smartphones, tablets, and smart TVs, was a much-anticipated addition to Meta Quest. Yet, specifics regarding the integration of the service into Meta Quest remain ambiguous. Questions around the necessity of an additional Xbox Game Pass Ultimate subscription for the users or the availability of all Game Pass games on the platform are yet to be addressed by Meta.

On the flip side, Meta has recently unfurled its own unique subscription service labeled Meta Quest+ VR. The service, set at $7.99 per month (or $59.99 annually), offers gamers the privilege of attaining new game titles each month. The early adopters have had the chance to explore exhilarating games like Pistol Whip and Walkabout Mini Golf. The current month features games like Red Matter and A Fisherman’s Tale for subscription holders to explore and enjoy.

Alongside these fascinating offerings, Meta has revealed the launch date and advanced specs of the upcoming Meta Quest 3 in collaboration with Reality Labs. The new product, scheduled to hit the markets by October 10, offers a spectrum of new features like 8 GB of RAM, second-generation Qualcomm Snapdragon Xr2 chipset, boosted resolution, and innovative camera sensors. The device is available at a range of $499.99 (128 GB version) to $649.99 (512 GB), offering an attractive option for gamers looking for an upgrade.

As we conclude, this initiative heightens the expectations and excitement for VR gaming enthusiasts seeking immersive experiences. With the promise of enhanced performance, Meta reassures existing Meta Quest 2 users that they will continue to enjoy support even as the new headset is launched. While there are certain specifics yet to be clearly outlined by the company, this groundbreaking merger of Xbox Cloud Gaming with Meta Quest undeniably signals an immersive and thrilling future for VR gaming.