Zachary William 2023-11-24 09:00

Latest Updates and Opportunities in GTA Online's Vehicle Roster

Despite the recent conclusion of GTA Online's Halloween event with the Albany Brigham's release signaling a halt in the introduction of new cars, enthusiasts still have a chance to grab some exclusive vehicles. Within the Luxury Autos showroom, the Grotti Itali RSX awaits purchasers with its Limited Time Monochrome Livery, while Simeon at Premium Deluxe Motorsport has displayed both the Pegassi Ignus adorned with Gold Painted Stock Wheels and Karin Sultan RS Classic featuring the yet-to-be-released Karin Performance Pink Livery.

Once the pool of vehicles from the GTA Online San Andreas Mercenaries update ran dry, no additional cars are anticipated until an upcoming update, tentatively expected in December. This update is thought to bring the GTA Online Grotti Turismo Omaggio supercar as well as fuel excitement with the first trailer for GTA 6.

Cars began to arrive in GTA Online back in June 2023, with the final release in October of the same year. Now, the current highlight is the Ubermacht Rhinehart that's up for grabs at the Lucky Wheel podium. Described as the go-to vehicle for the performance-minded executive who shuns the plainness of SUVs and sedans, the Rhinehart is a sedan estate that can be won by taking a chance on the Lucky Wheel.

For those looking to invest in these latest additions, here's a recap of the available vehicles from the San Andreas Mercenaries update:

From Legendary Motorsport:

- Bravado Buffalo EVX at $2,140,000
- Grotti Itali GTO Stinger TT at $2,380,000
- Penaud La Coureuse at $1,990,000

Available at Southern San Andreas Super Autos:

- Albany Brigham for $1,499,000
- Bravado Hotring Hellfire at $1,810,000
- Declasse Walton L35 at $1,670,000
- Maibatsu MonstroCiti at $1,485,000
- Vapid Clique Wagon at $1,205,000
- Vapid Ratel at $1,873,000

Warstock Cache & Carry offers:

- Buckingham Weaponized Conada at $3,385,000
- Mammoth F-160 Raiju at $6,855,000 (or $5,141,250 with trade by completing GTA Online On Parade)
- Mammoth Streamer216 at $2,238,000

Pedal And Metal include:

- Coil Inductor and Coil Junk Energy Inductor, each at $50,000

To benefit from Trade Prices on these vehicles, one must undertake certain Project Overthrow missions for Charlie or fulfill other update-specific milestones. This information is accessible by selecting a car color on the website and hovering over the Trade Price option, which reveals the needed achievements through a notification.

Some vehicles have ties to the Diamond Casino. They can be acquired through reaching milestones in casino missions and heists or through sheer luck at the Lucky Wheel by landing the Podium Car reward. Others are simply high-end additions aimed at the most opulent layer of Los Santos society.