Ava Martinez 2024-01-19 09:00

Halo Infinite Shifts Focus from Seasons to New Operations Model

Halo Infinite is making a significant change in its content update strategy, moving away from the seasonal model it has followed until now. 343 Industries, the game's developers, detailed the future of updates in a recent livestream, revealing they will no longer be releasing new seasons for the game. Instead, the team is embracing a series of shorter, recurring content drops known as Operations, which are set to arrive every four to six weeks.

Brian Jarrard, the community director for Halo Infinite, communicated during the stream that Operations are now at the core of the game’s ongoing development, marking a pivotal shift away from the previously known seasons. The Operations, introduced in Season 5, bear similarities to seasons but have a key distinction: all their rewards can be obtained at no cost during their active period. Unlike the typical duration of a season, which spanned four to six months, Operations offer a condensed timeframe lasting only a few weeks.

Fans were also briefed about the pending free update scheduled for January 30. This update includes a new Operation themed around Halo Wars, along with additional customization options and a fresh map to keep players engaged. While Operations are free, players wishing for permanent access can opt for a premium purchase, which will allow them to retain the Operation's content indefinitely. After an Operation concludes, it will be listed in the game's store for players who might have missed the chance to collect its rewards initially.

The upcoming Spirit of Fire Operation provides an opportunity to unlock a premium Assault Rifle skin modeled after the version in Halo: Combat Evolved. Future Operations, such as Cyber Showdown 3 and The Yappening 2, are slated to present a range of new cosmetic items for players to acquire.

On top of the operation-related announcements, the January 30 update introduces a free Mark IV armor core resembling the designs from Halo Wars, new customization flexibility for shoulder pads across different armor cores, and a new symmetrical arena map. The update also includes three new helmets themed after characters from the Paramount Halo television show, which is preparing for its second season premiere on February 8. Moreover, with the update, Forge users will find additional creative assets, including new Covenant buildings and objects, while future updates promise to incorporate exotic alien wildlife and Flood-themed Forge elements.

Halo Infinite's last traditional season is Season 5, which is themed around the Flood. It began in October 2023 and will end when the Spirit of Fire Operation launches. Season 4 marked the point when 343 Industries declared their intention to decouple story elements from the seasons, with no more story-driven cinematics like the ones seen in Seasons 1 through 3.

In other developments within the Halo universe, despite the recent excitement about a cooperative PvE mode, Firefight, being added to Halo Infinite, the hyped-up Halo battle royale by Certain Affinity, which aided in Halo Infinite's development, has reportedly been shelved after considerable time in the making.