Amelia Thompson 2023-09-06 19:30

Accentuating Accessibility: Armored Core 6 Mod Simplifies Gameplay

The realm of video games is notorious for harboring contrasting opinions on difficulty levels, with FromSoftware games predominately featured in these debates. With games like Armored Core 6, the challenge often lies in combat with progressively powerful mechanically enhanced adversaries. Venerate these hardships; some do, while others perceive it as a barrier to accessibility. Thankfully, mods like the newly introduced one ensure that Armored Core 6 remains a game for all.

FromSoftware's Souls games, owing to their immense popularity, have often spearheaded conversations about difficulty in gaming. Games like Demon's Souls, Bloodborne, Sekiro, and the latest Elden Ring derive much of their appeal from the combat challenges they offer. But FromSoftware's allure as a provider of difficult games goes way back – to franchises like the King's Field trilogy and the Armored Core launched in 1997.

It's no surprise, then, that Armored Core 6 stays true to the brand's roots of being a tough nut to crack. As if validating this, several players have confessed to bowing out even at the tutorial stage of the game! And when the going gets tough, the tough get going - thus came into the picture a game mod coined the "EZ-CORE." Invented by modder Xylozi, EZ-CORE revitalizes the Armored Core 6 experience by introducing significant modifications, which effectively means an unofficial easy mode.

The EZ-CORE mod firstly reduces the energy load and weight of the equipment by 50%, thus making them easier to handle. Ammunition is bolstered by 300%, and the weapon range sees a similar increase. Mission rewards receive a 200% increment in in-game currency, adding to the ease of gameplay. Completing the mod are four optional changes, which include modifying camera settings, cost reductions on boosts and ascents, and another independent option of halving equipment weight and energy load. This transformative array of features surely makes gameplay less daunting, though not rendering the players invincible.

Remember, once deployed, the EZ-CORE mod is always on, and no separate selection is needed. The moment a player chooses their desired options and installs, the game's difficulty starts easing up. A word of caution though - the online mode is off-limits with this mod to avoid an account ban. It is a small price to pay for a more approachable Armored Core 6 experience! For avid players yearning for a respite from the towering mission difficulties, the EZ-CORE mod is indeed a genuine game changer!