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The Scout GPS Navigation and Meet Up is the leading app when it comes to navigation. It is designed to show a user the locations of the stores or places they need to visit. If you are having trouble with other navigation tools, you should try Scout GPS Navigation & Meet Up today.

Interface 9/10

Scout GPS Navigation & Meet Up is an App Store app for iOS devices and Google Play app for Android mobile. It has a very reliable and usable interface. On the home screen are the navigation buttons which show the map and the messaging options to your friends or family. Sharing your current location is very easy, and you can as well identify where your destination is through this app. With this app for all Android devices, iPhone and iPads, you do not have to text or call to locate your pals. 

How it helps 9/10

Since you need to navigate from one place to another with ease, it is time you download for free this Google Android and iOS application. These are the reasons you must have it:

The app helps you to identify your destination very easily. Should you want to go to the grocery store or gas station among other places, this app got you covered. 

With this app, you can know more information about a store. For instance, if you want to buy groceries, the app will show you the nearby stores. Interestingly, it gives you a little information about them. Therefore, you can easily choose one that suits you, and you already know what to expect by visiting the particular store.

This iOS and Android app also allows you to share your location with friends. It promotes safety since you can easily know if your friend or child reached home safely.

User Experience 9/10

This app definitely guarantees you the best user experience. Isn’t it great knowing your destination when traveling? It gives you the direction and also provides some bit of information about the place. You can, therefore, explore new areas without the fear of getting lost. Interestingly, you can pick up your friend at any location with ease. Gone are the days when meeting up with friends was a tedious process. The app even allows to let the friends know that you are on the way. 

Up-to-date or Outdated?

Scout GPS Navigation and Meet Up is up-to-date. The maps in the app are the latest and updates of traffic are made instantly. To promote user experience, enhancements keep being made to the user interface to ensure that it is usable. Due to such changes, ensure to update your app to the latest version.



  • Real-time online map
  • Informative


  • None


out of 5


Since Scout GPS Navigation and Meet Up is one of the best in the market, I definitely recommend it to you. Travel with ease, explore new areas and get your needs sorted within seconds by this app. This app does more than allowing you to share your locations. It promotes your safety in that your family can know if you got home safely or not. You also get to receive information about several places. Doing this allows you to set your favorite places and visit them occasionally.

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